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Get your kids eating more veg

Get your kids eating more veg

As parents we know how difficult it can be to get children eating their vegetables. Perhaps you end up disguising them, smothering carrots in tomato sauce and gravy, praying in the hope they will take a big mouthful? Read on for tips that may just help you win the battle at the dinner table!

Eat plenty of veg yourselves
Parents can be guilty of not getting their five a day, but eating vegetables yourselves sets a good example. Serve up plenty of vegetables for them to try and let them see you eat it regularly, they will be more likely to copy you!

Carrot not stick
It’s important to reward children for good behaviour. Try giving your child a sticker for giving a new vegetable a go as this creates positive associations around their veg. Parents should never force a child to eat something they don’t like for the opposite reason. Try to make it fun instead.

Mix and match
There’s nothing wrong with serving vegetables you know your child isn’t sure about with something they love. For example, if they hate broccoli dish it up with bacon and mix the two together if that helps. The important thing is it to make them familiar with their greens and form positive associations.

Have fun
Get your child involved in the preparation of veg and be creative, cut them into fun shapes and give them names. Your kid will adore imaging broccoli and cauliflowers as mini trees!

Don’t give up on the first bite! Experts say children will need to try new foods around 10 times before they eventually accept it. Remember, it’s normal for children to be fussy about food, especially at certain stages of development. The key is to keep trying.

Good luck!

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