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Gousto Meal Review

Gousto Meal Review

Gousto is the UK’s award-winning recipe kit for aspiring home cooks. It delivers imaginative recipes and the fresh, quality ingredients to create them, straight to your door.

For those who lack the time or inspiration to cook meals at home, Gousto is the ideal solution. The idea is simple, choose up to four recipes for the week from a selection of 10 changeable seasonal meat and vegetarian dishes from around the world. Gousto prepares the exact portions using organic vegetables and locally sourced produce, and delivers it straight to your door for free.

We were sent a sample box of two recipes to try; Mushroom Stroganoff and Lamb Curry and here’s what we though to the experience:

Mushroom Stroganoff: This recipe was a nice change as it was served with linguine instead of rice and was a vegetarian option which is unusual for our household. It was so simple to do and even was left to caramelise for 10 mins without us being allowed to touch it! Again, the pre-packed ingredients were brilliant. My own two cons were that I think too much thyme is given but this is a personal thing as it was just so overpowering in the dish. Also we had to add some pasta as we didn’t feel there was enough – however I do live with a 6”2 rugby player who eats constantly so don’t take this as a negative! The flavour was very subtle and so creamy that I scoffed mine in minutes!

Lamb Curry: This one started off on a bad foot when we immediately thought there wasn’t enough meat (but I’ve already mentioned who I share with!) the recipe was again very easy to follow and all the spices were individually packaged for ease. This dish required sweet potato being added to it and this is where I would change the recipe slightly – personally I would par boil the spuds first as they only cook on the hob for 10-15 mins which isn’t enough time to soften, therefore some of the potatoes were quite hard. But the flavours were amazing – I’ve a huge fan of Greek yoghurt so this added flavour was just delicious!

Overall the Gousto box is a brilliant idea for those who are looking to mix up their cooking styles and tastes with new items. The ease of use is thoroughly recommended and the recipes are fantastic. I would love to see what else is on their menus!

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