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Grey Book Review

Grey Book Review

 Millions around the round were eagerly awaiting the release of E L James graphic sex novel, Grey that is written from the point of view of the protagonist Christina Grey – a sex mad billionaire who has ‘particular’ tastes!

One of our mums took this latest read on holiday and here is what she thought;

“After reading the trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey in about 3 days flat, I was quite eager to see how James had changed the book to be from a man’s perspective. When told from Anastasia’s POV, I found her quite weak and too much like a wall flower and found myself unable to relate to her, which is why I was sure that when the book was written from Grey’s perspective there would certainly be more ‘spunk’ in the story.

The content of the book is somewhat awkward and with standout lines such as “her sharp intake of breath is music to my dick” you can’t help but cringe inwardly. We would all like to think that Billionaires have more manners than that!

His persona through the first three books, was strong, domineering but sexy – whilst through his POV, it’s nothing more than bossy and more like a chiding headmaster than a man supposedly plagued by darkness. The book gives fans the chance to view Ana through Grey’s eyes, but it is James’ description of body parts, sex scenes and even food and drink that just aren’t as sexy as they were previously.

Maybe it is due to the years that have now surpassed since the first fame of the book, and we are now seeing the truly horrendous grammar and literature laid before us. Maybe this book has just opened our eyes?

After reading several different books under the so called ‘mummy porn’ heading, it is clear to see that there are many more out there that are better than the trilogy and now book of Grey. It was worth the read, but perhaps I was just doing this to say I’d ticked it off my list”

Grey received a 2/5 from our UKMums.tv reviewer – it may be worth putting Mr Grey to bed now!

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