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Grow veg in your garden this autumn

Grow veg in your garden this autumn

As the months are becoming colder, it’s harder to choose what to grow in your garden. So, with this in mind we’ve put together a generously sized selection of veggies that you can harvest throughout the late autumn and winter months. If you’re not an allotment or a large vegetable patch kind of person then these top picks of vegetables will help you decide what to grow.

Try the following veggies in your garden this season:

• Red Russian Kale
• Borecole
• Cavolo Nero 
• Winter green cabbage
• Spring green cabbage
• Perpetual Spinach
• Calabrese Spinach
• Turnips
• Hanakan Pak Choi
• Spring Onions
• Giant Red Mustard
• Tatsoi
• Winter Purslane
• Cornsalad
• Mixed winter lettuce
• Rainbow chard 
• Broad beans
• Landcress
• Wild rocket

As you can see, there's a large selection to choose from, proving this time of year can be perfect to start, or continue, growing veg in the garden. You may not know what all of these veggies are, but we can assure you they are full of taste and flavour, especially when they’re grown in your own soil! When growing the vegetables above, you will receive a great selection of healthy greens, kales, cabbages and a few Chinese leaves which are perfect for stir fries! Winter favourites are included above, too, with spinach, rainbow chard and Calabrese broccoli recoomended along with some unusual leaves to spice up your evening meals or lunches.

If you choose to grow a few of these vegetables in your garden we can assure you, you won’t be disappointed! Visit Rocket Gardens for more info.

Do you love to grow veg? Tell us what you like to grow at this time of year over on our Facebook and Twitter.

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