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Have you met the new Little Live Pets?

Have you met the new Little Live Pets?

The Little Live Pets range from Character Options is forever expanding and this spring is no exception. With new pets and new colours ways of existing pets to collect the collection has an interactive pet for any animal lover! Below is a rundown of what is new!

New Pets

Little Live Pets Lil’ Hedgehogs - £12.99

The Little Live Pets Li'l Hedgehogs are cute and fun all rolled into one! Touch their nose and they roll into a ball! Watch them hide away, then pop out their head and continue to play! They’ve rolled into town and they love to explore! Each hedgehog has their own unique colour, pattern and personality!

We love these super cute pets and can’t get enough of them. We will certainly be adding all four cuties available to our collection! What’s more you can also buy a Lil’ Hedgehog and House too! (RRP £22.99) The Little Live Pets Lil' Hedgehog House is the perfect home for your pet hedgehog, with plenty of room for them to run about inside. The Hedgehog house comes with an exclusive hedgehog too!

Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks - £14.99

New to the Little Live Pets range and just in time for Easter are the Little Live Pets Surprise Chicks!
Hear the Surprise Chick tapping and chirping inside the egg and then watch in amazement as it hatches out and hops about! Your Little Live Pets Surprise chick can be hatched over and over again. –so cute! The Surprise Chicks are available in four colours but which one you get is a surprise!  You can also look out for the Limited edition Golden chick – good luck!

New waves

Little Live Pets Tweet Talking Birds – £9.99

The Little Live Pets Birds respond to their owner’s touch and sing, chirp and tweet! Speak to your bird and it repeats what you say! Now, the new birds come with a secret message feature. Record your secret and your bird will keep it safe, it will only be played when you use the key to unlock it!

Little Live Pets Swimming Turtles – £9.99

The adorable Lil’ Turtles now has a baby turtle to protect and care for! Watch as the Turtle swims and carries the baby around the Turtle Tank! They swim in water and walk on land!

Do you want to add to or start your Little Live Pets collection? Check out the whole range here!

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