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Have you met The Zelfs?

Have you met The Zelfs?

We love all of the series 5 Zelfs from Character Options and with so many to collect it’s hard to pick a favourite! Here is a little bit more about some of our favourite Zelfs from Series 5. Zelfs come in many different sizes: Lil’, Medium and Super. Starting from just £1.99 there is a Zelf for everyone!

Princess Crystella

About - It’s ‘GLOWTIME’ down in the Crystal Caves! Talk about “highlights” in her hair, it’s time for this Crystal Princess to shine!
Fabitit - Crystal Caves
Birthday - Glovember 1st
Power - Glowing Inner Beauty
Available as - Princess Crystella is one of a kind! RRP £19.99


Zebbie the Zebra Zelf

About - Who needs to catch some ZZZs? Not this Zippin’ Zebra Zelf! She just loves horsing around. Fabitit - The Zebra Crossing
Birthday - National Zebra Day- January 3rd
Power - Being Active; Try your best and earn your stripez!
Available as - Medium Zelf RRP £5.99

Starkle the Wizard Zelf

About - Making magic dreams come true is what this Wizard Zelf can do! He sends down magic stars into seeping dreamers and magic believers
Fabitit - Starlight Slumbered
Birthday - International Magic Day- July 31st
Power - Magical Dreams
Available as - Crystal Zelf RRP £7.99


About - She wears her heart on her chest and tells it like it is! She’s not gruesome, she’s truesome!
Fabitit - The Zowing Box
Birthday - Thread and Needle Day- July 25th
Power - Honesty. Be true to yourzelf
Available as - Super Zelf RRP £9.99

Check out all of the Season 5 Zelfs on the Character Options website and keep your eyes peeled for BRAND NEW Series 6 Zelfs coming soon!

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