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Heard of HelloFresh? See what thought!

Heard of HelloFresh? See what thought!

“When we got the opportunity to review a HelloFresh box, I jumped at the chance as I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about signing up for one for ages.

As someone who is not a bad cook, but also doesn’t have the culinary knowledge to cook up new and exciting meals each evening, the daily dilemma of ‘what shall I cook for dinner tonight?’ was something that drove me mad week in, week out. I have a toddler, a husband that has a physical job and is always starving when he comes home from work and I work myself, so to try and find something to eat that didn’t take too long and was tasty and healthy has always been a challenge for me… I couldn’t wait to try the HelloFresh box!

If you’re not familiar with the service, HelloFresh is a weekly recipe kit subscription service offering all the ingredients you need to cook quick, delicious, nutritious meals at home. There are various options, but the one we received was 4 meals for 4 people which would normally cost £64.00. Really not bad considering the mixture of ingredients you receive and variation in recipes. The great thing about the family box that others don’t have is that there are steps marked out in each recipe which the children can help with to encourage them to help in the kitchen – brilliant idea!

The box comes complete with recipe cards listing all of the ingredients required from your box and then step by step instructions on the back. If I had to choose something to moan about (and trust me, this is not easy) it would be that sometimes some of instructions are in a slightly strange order, so it is best to scan through the steps to start with – for example, on some of them it might not tell you to pre-heat your oven until half way through, in which case this is too late as your oven isn’t hot when you need it – only a small niggle though.

In terms of the actual meals, they’re delicious! There wasn’t one in the box that we didn’t like, and many of them we’ve said we’ll definitely make again!  All of them take roughly between 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish, which for fresh, home cooked food is ideal. 

It’s really opened us up to trying new things, so much so, I now subscribe to HelloFresh each week and really look forward to my box arriving on a Monday!”

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