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Helmet safety tips with Yvolution

Helmet safety tips with Yvolution

Learning to ride is so much more than sitting on a bike and off you go, It comes with heaps of responsibility too , not just for the parent , but for the child. Most of all it's important to set the ground rules, so that from the instant they take to their wheels they know everything they need to about reducing the risks of injury to themselves and others.


Let’s talk Helmets

Parents will often find a little resistance when it comes to wearing a helmet, and because they were not so prevalent when we were little may think that while they are young is not so important. But helmets are required every time, so teach them now that it’s a condition of having fun with wheels and it will become the norm.

Talk with your children about bike helmets and bike safety– hitting their head can be serious and while bumps and bruises heal, a head injury can be forever.

Kids learn by example, so set a good one by always wearing a helmet every time and everywhere you go cycling.
A bike helmet is the single most effective safety device for reducing head injury and death from biking mishaps.

Make helmets a regular part of your family´s biking experience.

Did You Know? Short rides close to home can be the most dangerous:More than 60 percent of childhood bicycle-related fatalities occur on small neighbourhood roads. The typical bike crash occurs within a single mile of your home.

The helmet must fit properly to be effective:

The helmet should fit snuggly so that it doesn´t slide from side to side or front to back. If the helmet does not fit with the installed fit pads simply remove them and install a different size pad. To insure the proper fit, mix and match the pad thickness to best conform to your head shape. Remember to always read your bike helmet User Manual thoroughly for correct positioning of your helmet.

FACT: A bicycle helmet reduces the risk of serious head and brain injury by 85-88%. But it´s not enough to simply buy and wear one you need to make sure it fits properly.

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