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Help from strangers to find missing three year old

Help from strangers to find missing three year old

I’m sure you’ll be familiar with the brief feeling of panic when your little one runs off out of your sight. This same panic was felt by mother Emma Rooney when her son Leon ran off and was momentarily missing in Liverpool city centre. However, due to the help of the general public both young and old, Leon was found safely to the great relief of his parents Emma and Del Rooney. The pair were said to be overwhelmed by the response of complete strangers who stopped what they were doing in order to take part in a frantic search for the missing three year old.

A heartfelt tribute to the people of Liverpool was made by Emma Rooney on Facebook as she thanked them for their diligence and kindness. Her post has received many thousands of likes and shares following the incident.

Can you recall a time when the public have stopped in their tracks to help you find your lost little one?

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