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Help kids survive a move

Help kids survive a move

It’s coming to the time of year when families across the UK prepare to move house in time for the festive season and a new start for the New Year. It’s stressful enough for adults with all the packing to do but it’s a troubling time for children as well. For a smooth transition, check out our tips for an easier adjustment.

Get kids involved

Make your child feel involved in the house-hunting process and they will feel happier about the eventual choice. This could mean taking them along to viewings or urging them to draw up a wish list of what they’d like the new house to look like.

Say a proper goodbye

Give your child the opportunity to say goodbye to the old house and treasure the memories. Consider asking them to write down what they liked most about the old house and collect favourite photos for a memories box. Throw a party so they can bid a fond farewell to all their friends.

Make it fun

Once you’ve chosen a home, get young children excited about the move by encouraging them to plan their new bedroom. Turn it into a craft project by creating a mood board illustrating the colours they’d like their room to be painted in and where they’d like their furniture to go.

New friends

Once you’ve moved, make it a priority to get to know your new neighbours, especially families with children around your child’s age so they can make friends and feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. Fun times with a new playmate will distract them from feelings of missing home.

Don’t throw everything out

Once you’ve moved home it can be tempting to turf out your old things to start afresh. However, it’s important to keep items your child will be familiar with such as furniture and cushions so they associate the new house as their home from day one of moving in.

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