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Here’s a rundown of what’s available from the Worry Eaters!

Here’s a rundown of what’s available from the Worry Eaters!

Children often have fears, troubles and woes and don't always tell their parents about them. That’s where the Worry Eaters come in!

Children can use Worry Eaters as a ‘waste bin’ for problems. They simply write or draw their troubles and feed them into the zip mouth of the Worry Eater and the idea is that when a parent or carer finds the note or drawing, they can talk to their children about them. Not only that but Worry Eaters are the perfect cuddly companion in good times or bad and are for children of all ages!

For 2016, the Worry Eaters range is growing! Not only will six new additions join the plush family but there’s also a brand new collection of stationery and novelty items perfect for primary school-aged boys and girls!

Let’s see what’s in the range:

1. Classic Worry Eaters – RRP £19.99
The Worry Eaters plush range is growing with new characters, Pat, Sita and Lily, who all come in the style of the Classic Worry Eaters measuring 32-40cm.

2. Junior Worry Eaters – RRP £12.49
Junior Worry Eaters are slightly smaller – ideal for younger children. New to the collection is Schnulli and Pom who measure 22-24cm just like the rest of the Junior Worry Eaters.

3. Giant Worry Eater – RRP £199.99
For bigger worries comes giant Flint, measuring a whopping 97cm!
Other items available:

In addition to the Worry Eaters soft toys, there are stationery and accessories ranges which include: Purses (RRP £5.49), pencil cases (RRP £8.49) and bags (RRP £8.99) all in the style of popular Worry Eaters characters.

The purses, pencil cases and bags are all portable versions of kids’ favourite Worry Eaters characters, created with the same soft fabric as the plushes and featuring the distinct zip-mouth for gobbling up children’s worries.

To view the entire collection head to

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