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High Street Shopping Must-haves

High Street Shopping Must-haves









Duster Coats- the ultimate Autumn cover up, great way to look fashionable but yet in season.

The days of needing a big winter coat are over. Duster Coats are the answer to a more fashionable and warm look. Not only is it one of the most versatile cover-ups, but yet so portable. 

The Duster Coat can be layered with pretty much everything, from jeans and a t-shirt to a more tailored, smart look. If you’re a fan of a loose silhouette look leave the coat open to suit you, or tie up with a belt to make your figure look cinched-in. 

Here at we love this Khaki shirt dress from Blue Vanilla, we think this is an absolute must-have for this month!

This would look great for any occasion, with a pair of dark skinny jeans and black ankle boots.





The 70s denim mini skirt has made its way back into fashion. The denim skirt is a very versatile piece, but sometimes a girl needs some inspiration to make it work for the new season. By putting this mini skirt with a long woollen cardigan and a crop top it will look great for the autumnal season.



Here the slouch fit is much roomier than the tailored fit and therefore less conventionally flattering. The lack of waist definition and tailoring is not everyone’s cup of tea. In this case, the baggy T and cardigan, with the black skinnies are a great combination.


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