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Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs

Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs

Forget plastic boxes and cheap chocolate - make your own homemade Easter eggs for maximum taste and fun!


Plastic egg moulds - the more you have the quicker the process is to make multiple eggs!


• 300g chocolate - use whatever you like! You can even experiment with different flavours
• Icing for piping Easter eggs
• Sweets to decorate


1. Dampen a piece of kitchen towel with a little sunflower oil and polish the inside of each mould with it. This ensures a highly polished finish to the chocolate and also helps to release the set chocolate from the mould.

2. It is essential to temper the chocolate to get a shiny egg - this is a method of heating and cooling chocolate which separates the cocoa solids and ensures the set chocolate will have a high gloss and smooth finish. To temper the chocolate you will need a cooking thermometer, a heat-proof bowl and saucepan of hot water. Break the chocolate into small, even pieces and melt gently in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water. Place the thermometer into the chocolate and heat until it reaches 43°c. Take off the heat and cool to 35°c. Now it is ready to use.

3. Pour a couple of spoonfuls of the chocolate into each mould. Swirl around until coated completely. Leave to set, flat side down on a surface covered in greaseproof paper. Fill each mould in the same way. Let it set. You will have to repeat the process a few times to build up a good layer of chocolate. Leave to set fully for a few hours. Tip: Scrape the flat edge of a knife across the mould to ensure a clean edge every time you add a layer. This is important so that the two sides of the egg stick together evenly.

4. Carefully un-mould the egg halves and place on a clean surface.

5. To stick an egg together, heat a tray and then place two halves, edge down, on it for a few seconds, then remove and gently push the edges together. Allow to set.

6. To decorate the egg, sit it in a glass or small cup while you pipe your desired message onto it. Use icing or melted chocolate to stick any decorations on.

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