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How to create your own bug hotel

How to create your own bug hotel

Kids will love this fun activity, which is one of just many in this year’s free activity packs which are available to download from the British Science Week website 

Here’s a summary of what you can do, check out the activity pack for more information and other fun stuff to do at home!

By building a bug hotel you can get children thinking about what bugs can be found in their natural environment, what materials bugs like to live in and what they like to eat. The hotel is really just a nice cosy environment that little critters will enjoy living in. They can get creative by decorating it too!

You’ll need: A flower pot, Stones, Twigs, Bark, Dried leaves, Waterproof marker, Sugar cubes

Here are the instructions:

1. Find a good spot where you’d like to put your flower pot (perhaps near some trees or bushes) and put a few stones next to the flower pot to stop it rolling over or blowing away.

2. Fill it with twigs, bark and dried leaves that will make it cosy for your guests.

3. Add a few sugar cubes to tempt them in, and maybe add a personalised ‘welcome’ sign at the front.
If you try it, send us a pic on Twitter and Facebook. And don’t forget you’ve still got time to enter our competition to win a National Geographic Kids science kit.

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