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How to encourage your kids to stay in bed

How to encourage your kids to stay in bed

If you’re a parent you probably know the nightly challenge of putting your children to bed and more importantly getting them to stay there. It’s not easy but it’s one of the most important things you can do; no bedtime routine means no sleep for you and if your children don’t have enough sleep they become irritable, hyper and emotional which is no fun for anyone!

One of the best ways to persuade children to stay in bed is to create a night time routine that works best for your family and stick with it. Once you have a regular bedtime routine there’s no going back! If you’d like an easy life, pick a routine which is quick and easy so there’s no excuse for little ones to escape bedtime.

Step 1 - Set a time the children should be in bed by so you can have a bit of time to yourselves!
Step 2 - Pack away toys or anything your children have been playing with. This can make bedtime easier to control with all distractions out of sight.
Step 3 - Bath time - help them to wind down and relax with a nice warm bubble bath.
Step 4 - Give them some milk or one of their favourite hot drinks to settle down with.
Step 5 - Watch a TV programme of their choice or read them a story. Make sure your full attention is on them at this point so they do not get distracted by what you’re doing.
Step 6 - Make sure your children go to the loo and brush their teeth before going to bed. You don’t want them getting up for bathroom visits later on!
Step 7 - Bed!

If your children wake up in the middle of the night or even just after you’ve put them to bed, don’t entertain them by talking to them, just make sure you let them know it’s bedtime and they shouldn’t be up.

We’d love to hear bedtime routines you have tried with your children - tweet us to tell us your stories.

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