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How to hold a Plasticine party!

How to hold a Plasticine party!

Plasticine has so many uses and we think that using Plasticine to help throw a great children’s party is possibly one of the greatest! Here are our top tips, ideas and downloads to help you throw a Plasticine themed Party!

1. Set a theme- will your party be strictly Plasticine themed or will there be another theme too? We love the idea of a pirate themed party where kids can use Plasticine to make pirate scenes, or why not go for an under the sea theme? The Plasticine Softeez Under the Sea Kit will keep children occupied for ages!

2. Send your invites- Download out great Plasticine Party invitation here!

3. Decorate your room- decorate your room using Plasticine coloured balloons, banners and partyware. Don’t forget the snacks! Can you keep it all in Primary colours? Try veggie stick, tomatoes, red wrapped chocolate bars and you can even decorate a cake using red, yellow, blue and green sweets

4. Pre your Party Bags- Plasticine BaSix Packs are just 99p each and make a great addition to any party bag! Stock up on sweets, colouring pencil packs and other goodies too.

5. Fancy throwing a Plasticine themed party? Find out how here!- no party is complete without a Pass the parcel! Use a Plasticine Tub of Fun or a My Own Morph Kit as the central prize and wrap each layer in red, blue, green and yellow tissue paper. Sweets or other small gifts such as colouring pencils or Plasticine Fluro packs make great prizes in the outer layers!

6. Activities- Every party needs activities to keep children happy. Download our Plasticine colouring sheets here, or why not have a competition to see who can make the longest Plasticine snake! 

7. Be Creative! - With Plasticine the only limit is your imagination, so be creative and enjoy throwing the perfect Plasticine Party!

Don’t forget you can also enter our competition for the chance to win a Plasticine Softeez party kit here  

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