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How to keep a happy and healthy pet!

How to keep a happy and healthy pet!

We all want our pets to be fit and healthy but most of all we want them to be happy! And no that doesn’t mean plying them with endless treats –although the odd treat is fine! Here’s five top ways to make sure your pet lives a happy and healthy lifestyle.

1. Keep your pets diet at bay

Always feed your pet with a carefully controlled diet that is suitable to them and ensure clean water is available at all times. Measuring portion size is essential to ensure your pet is the right weight, being under or overweight can put serious strain on your pet’s health.

2. Ensure your pet is sociable and well trained

Make sure to get the training in early so that you can take your pet out on family activities! A well-trained pet is a happy pet!

3. Exercise

Exercise is essential for all pets so make sure that they can have a daily walk or run. Even cats, which sleep most of the time, need the opportunity to exercise, rabbits also need to opportunity to exercise for their digestive systems as it helps them maintain a healthy weight.

4. Create the perfect environment

Every pet needs a nice comfortable spot to sleep and rest where they can feel safe and secure.  If your pet has had their sleeping basket for a little while, why not treat them to a new one!

5. Groom your pet regularly

Regularly brushing your pet’s fur coat gives you the opportunity to check for lumps, bumps and scratches that may need attention. Grooming also allows you to remove dead hair and it distributes hair oils to keep your pet’s fur looking shiny and fresh!

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