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How to make sure you have sandal ready feet

How to make sure you have sandal ready feet

The sun is shining which means the open-toe shoes and sandals are calling. It’s the perfect time to ready your feet for all the cute strappy sandals. Do you need a few tips? Look no further, we have a few to make sure your tootsies are looking gorgeous!

1. Kick off those heels!
Stilettos may look fashionable but wearing them too much can completely change the mechanics of your feet. You’re putting pressure on the balls of your feet which can create damage. Swap your heels for flats, or if you can’t bear flats, why not go for kitten heels or summery wedges?

2. Exfoliate!
Luckily, exfoliation doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Sand is actually a fantastic natural exfoliant, so if your feet are in need of more intensive attention then why not take yourself down to the beach! You can also pop down to the shops and buy yourself some moisturiser or exfoliator to use before you go on holiday.

3. File hard skin
Do you have hard skin on the bottom of your feet? If you do, opt for a foot file (ideally a crystal file) which will eventually reduce the hard skin.

4. Apply cuticle oil
You need to make sure you are using cuticle oil regularly as this is imperative for having lovely, pedicured, soft feet.

5. Pay attention to detail
Once you’ve exfoliated, and moisturised, you may be tempted to call it a day and slip your feet into your sandals already. But before you do that, make sure your cuticles are pushed back and trimmed as any polish will stay on longer with a pedicure.

6. Polish your tootsies
No pedicure is complete without a little toe bling. Feet look better in opened toed shoes when said toes are coated with a little bit of polish! Pinks, corals and reds are the perfect summer holiday choices.  Remember, don’t skip the base and top coat!

Have fun, your feet will thank you in the long run!

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