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How to keep the kids occupied over Easter

How to keep the kids occupied over Easter

We at UKMums.TV know how difficult it can be to keep children entertained over school holidays and Easter is no different! Here are some ideas for things to do over the Easter break.

1. Bake (and eat) cakes - Baking cakes can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but it’s always a winner with children. Whether you buy pre-made cake mix from your local supermarket or do everything from scratch, baking a cake or cupcakes is bound to put a smile on their faces, especially when they get to eat the finished products!


2. Hold an Easter egg hunt - Here’s an idea for Easter Sunday - why not set up an Easter egg hunt either outside or in the house? Simply hide eggs around the house or garden for your little ones to find, but make sure that each child has the same amount of eggs!

3. Watch a film - Over the Easter break, there will be plenty of films on that are suitable for children so why not take a trip to the cinema? Alternatively put on a DVD at home with some popcorn and drink - the same amount of fun for a fraction of the cost!

4. Go to the park - Another activity that is sure to put a smile on your little ones’ faces is a trip to the park. Nothing can beat a set of swings, a slide, a see-saw and a climbing frame (in your children’s eyes anyway)! You just have to be careful that they don’t hurt themselves, as a nice play in the park can soon end in tears and a scraped knee.

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