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Preparing for Christmas in just one week!

Preparing for Christmas in just one week!

If you are still feeling behind on the Christmas preparations read our top 5 tips on getting ready in just one week. 

• Step 1: The Christmas Dinner

Picking the perfect turkey or another centrepiece for your Christmas dinner can take time so, if you haven’t chosen one already, now is the time to start looking. Making sure all the vegetables and the all-important dessert are bought and ready to be prepared is also a good idea.

• Step 2: The Presents

Still got some last minute Christmas shopping to do? If you order presents online now there’s no guarantee they’ll arrive on time, so browsing the shopping centre for some pre-Christmas deals might be the way forward. Don’t forget to look for some Christmas-y wrapping paper as well!

• Step 3: The decorations

We all want our home to look ready for the big day, so make sure all the Christmas decorations that you can get your hands on are on display around your house. Putting up outdoor lights is also a great idea in the run up to Christmas and they are sure to get you into the Christmas spirit!

• Step 4: Clean the House

The last thing you want to be doing in the run up to Christmas Day is doing household cleaning, so get the house ready for visiting friends and family with a pre-Christmas clean. With your home being tidy you’ll also appreciate the decorations that have been put up around your house even more.

• Step 5: Be prepared for anything!

The kids will be excited to receive toys on Christmas Day, but it would be a shame if they couldn’t play with their electronic toys once they have been opened. Stock up on batteries to ensure that there’s no disappointment on Christmas morning!

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