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Hunks of the month- Rugby World Cup Special

Hunks of the month- Rugby World Cup Special

The Rugby world cup brings many things from country unity to competitive sprit, and fan zones, but we can’t ignore the amount of eye candy gracing our screens! It is for this reason that we have decided to create our very own fantasy rugby team- completely based on looks! ( very shallow we know)






1. Takeshi Kizu- Age 27. Plays for Japan.

2. Codie Taylor- Age 24. Plays for New Zealand

3. David Philander- Age 28. Plays for Namibia

4. David Pocock- Age 27. Plays for Australia

5. Sean Maitland- Age 27. Plays for Scotland

6. David Denton- Age 25. Plays for Scotland

7. Andre Durutalo- Age 27. Plays for USA

8. Drew Mitchell- Age 31. Plays for Australia

9. Mike Philips. Age 33. Plays for Wales

10. Jonathon Sexton. Age 30. Plays for Ireland

11. Owen Farrell. Age 24. Plays for England

12. Jonathan Joseph. Age 24. Plays for England

13. Beka Tsiklauri. Age 26. Plays for Georgia

14. Daniel Carter. Age 33. Plays for New Zealand

15. Brice Dulin. Age 25. Plays for France.

Our take: We love Rugby players!

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