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Ice Age Gift Guide

Ice Age Gift Guide

With the new film “Ice Age: Collision Course” set to be released later this month, we thought we’d take a look at some of the Ice Age inspired merchandise on offer that would make a great gift for any fan of the film.

1. Scrat Acorn Lover T-Shirt - £14.00 
Available in white, grey or pink, this t-shirt features a key character in the latest Ice Age film, Scrat, as well as one of his favourite acorns. The t-shirt is stylish for either boys or girls and it would make a great gift for any young Ice Age fan.

2. Ice Age Movie Poster - £3.49
Decorate your little one’s room with this Ice Age Movie Poster featuring some of the best loved characters from the Ice Age films. You could even frame the poster to ensure that it stays in excellent condition on the wall!

3. Ice Age Pretend Small Mug - £7.50 
This “magic mug” starts off black, but once you pour hot water in it turns white to reveal an Ice Age design! The mug features the much-loved Manny from the films and kids will love to watch as the mug changes colour before their eyes.

4. Ice Age 1-4 DVD Boxset - £6.00
Why not prepare yourself for the latest Ice Age film by having an Ice Age marathon with the kids? They’re sure to love revisiting the other films and being reunited with their favourite characters might just build up their excitement for the new film!

5. Ice Age 4 "Sid" Plush Doll - £12.99
If they’ve seen any of the Ice Age films then your kids will be familiar with Sid the Sloth. This cute Sid plush doll will be sure to become your little one’s new companion!

“Ice Age: Collision Course” will be released on 22nd July. You can see the trailer here!

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