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Ideas for a Scary Snack

Ideas for a Scary Snack

It’s Halloween season which means all things that would normally be gruesome such as: eyeballs, spooky fingers and blood are all turned into delicious chocolate, raspberry and biscuity snacks!

We know Scooby Doo loves a Spooky snack or two, so we take a look at some of the most delicious options currently out there.

Don’t fear because Scooby and his gang have made sure these are all scarily edible and ready to be demolished!

Haribo Halloween Cupcakes - £1 from Asda– These delicious cupcakes are swirled with orange frosting and decorated with spooky Haribo sweets for a really fiendish fancy!

The Biscuiteers have some amazing Halloween treats for you to get your hands on; ranging from £6 Dracula and Mummy Gingerbread men to awesome Spooky Halloween Cupcakes for £27.50 and amazing Trick or Treat Biscuit Tins from £38.50 that help you celebrate the spookiest day of the year in style! These super cool biscuits even come in a Limited Edition tin. We don’t want to scare you, but order these fast to be sure you get some!

Cadburys have gone all out this year and produced more sickly sweet but scarily good treats this October 31st. A favourite of ours is the Cadbury’s Scream Egg where the goo has turned green but still tastes as yummy! There’s also some Chocolate Crunchy Spiders that have ferocious faces, eight legs and green crunchy bites on the inside.

Poundland has some great trick or treat sweets to pop in any witches’ cauldron. The Oozing Gummy Eyes - £1, may sound frightful, but these sweets are perfect to give to any young vampire or mummy who may stop by.

Lemon and Slime Jaffa Cakes - £1 from Tesco – Not your original orange flavoured biscuits, but these lemony delights will take you by surprise as they zest up your frightfest experience this Halloween.


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