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Inspire kids to grow in the garden

Inspire kids to grow in the garden

As summer is approaching, it’s the prime opportunity for you and your family to explore the garden. You could even plant vegetables and fruit for a lovely summer’s dish. If your children aren’t showing any interest in gardening yet why not inspire them with our top tips!

Make sure you involve your children and let them have a go
Children are naturally curious about anything, so giving them the opportunity to sow seeds and get their hands on soil will make sure they’re involved in every way possible. It doesn’t need to be a trip to an allotment to inspire them, they will get a buzz from seeing a little seed emerge into a plant.

Engage their interests
Herbs are a great thing to grow with your kids as they engage with the five senses with different tastes, smells, and textures. Not only are herbs great for engaging kids, they are also a vital ingredient in a dish. Send children out into the garden to pick out some herbs for dinner, they’ll love it!

Maintain your plants
Water your seeds daily but don’t drown them. Give the kids a little watering can for them to hold whilst you go around with them, or they could even go around by themselves. Just make sure they don’t overdo the water.

Entertain your children with a range of educational activities
Involve your children through fascinating facts to help them become a lot more understanding. Check out bbc.co.uk for your chance to create products at home, whether indoors or outdoors. They also provide children with easy and quick plants to try. From vegetables to seeds, bbc.co.uk will give you all you need to fulfil your garden dreams!

Choose fast growing plants
Radishes may not be every child’s favourite vegetable, but they will love to grow them. Their seed to table time is about 22 days! You could even buy your little monkey a Gruffalo Gardening Tool and Bag Set which includes: three tools, gloves and a bag to store all their goodies in.

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