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Interview with mums who started a business

Interview with mums who started a business

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? We’ve spoken to a couple of mums to find out how they took on the task of starting their own businesses and to see if they have any tips.

We first spoke to Sinead Murphy, founder of Shnuggle, the world’s first “Modern Moses Basket” which can be cleaned and kept germ free. Sinead told us that she’d had no previous business training so the process of starting a business was a steep learning curve for her.


Now, the business has grown to such a scale that it has expanded beyond the family home, but Sinead and her husband Adam are still at the forefront of product development. Her story just shows that previous experience is not always necessary when it comes to starting your own business.

We also spoke to mum of three Sara Keel whose children inspired her to launch Babycup, a range of little open drinking cups made for babies and toddlers. The cups offer parents with an alternative to cups with spouts or no-spill valves and are perfect for weaning babies.

"There were a lot of steps needed in order to move from idea to reality, not least because I decided early on that I wanted to manufacture Babycup in Britain. I did a lot of research into the market and discussed my idea with health professionals. I thoroughly investigated potential routes for manufacturing as I wanted my product to look good and to be a desirable product that children would enjoy using,” said Sara.

We asked Sara what her top tip would be when thinking of starting your own business. She said, “one of my top tips would be to understand what it is you are trying to do and why other people will want it/need it/buy it/use it. It sounds obvious, but the clearer your vision for your business the easier it will be for your audience to ‘get it’.”

If you want more advice on how to start your own business, check out gov.uk’s website!

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