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Is your kid moving up to big school?

Is your kid moving up to big school?

So you’ve got a school place, attended an open day, and perhaps bought their new uniform already.  There’s so much to prepare for when your child’s about to start at a new school, and the big leap from primary to secondary is a move fraught with anxiety for both the child and their parents. Here are some tips for making the transition run as smoothly as possible.

It’s good to talk
Boys and girls will have so many worries as they prepare to leave their old school behind and move on to secondary education. Let your child know it’s normal to feel anxious and that you’re there to listen to any of their concerns.


Think about the journey
The school run will probably change dramatically, so it’s important to help your son or daughter adjust to the new journey before the big day. Try a dry run or travel with them at first to build their confidence. Parents should also explain what to do if their transport fails, for example if their bus breaks down.

Be available
It’s a good idea for parents to consider leaving work early or working from home in the early days of their child moving to secondary school. Already being at home when your son or daughter gets back means you’re are able to discuss how they’re doing straight away and pick up on potential problems early.

Encourage organisation
Now is the ideal time to instil organisational skills and habits which will last a lifetime. Help your child get things ready for school the night before. Get them to lay out their uniform and look over what classes they will have that day. It will result in less stressful mornings!

We hope these tips help your child move up to secondary school successfully!

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