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Italy for the Family

Italy for the Family

Take your family on an Italian adventure this summer. With awe-inspiring scenery and fantastic cuisine, the country has so much to keep children and adults entertained. Read on for our pick of things to see and do in Italy that are off the beaten track!

1. Tuscany
Head to the southern region of Tuscany and you’ll be struck by the slower pace of life. Make the most of the area with walks through quaint, walled towns. A visit to a local working farm, such as Podere Il Casale, is worth a try as it’s bound to be a hit with family members old and young. Children can explore the barns and visit the animals, while mum and dad taste wine, cheese and honey. Yum!

2. Rome
Who couldn’t be inspired by the breath-taking ancient Roman architecture? But a short stroll away from the well-trodden tourist hotspots offers much for the family, too. For example, let your little warrior learn the art of sword fighting at their own Gladiator School where there’s the chance to find out about Roman history as part of the two-hour class run by Gruppo Storico Romano.

3. Italian Riviera
Visit the popular Cinque Terre, or Five Villages, within the Italian Riviera for a fantastic family experience. The area offers countless beauty spots to enjoy while out walking, with many historic churches, cemeteries, vineyards, and colourful buildings to explore. Of the villages, only Monterosso has a true sandy beach, Lungomare di Fegina, which boasts a 14-meter statue of Neptune built in 1910 called II Gigante.

We hope this has given you a flavour of what Italy has to offer off the well-trodden path. For more inspiration for travelling with children in Italy, visit the website Ciao Bambino!

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