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Keep rooms dark on sunny mornings!

Keep rooms dark on sunny mornings!

As the light nights and mornings are here, check out our reviewer’s solution to keeping your little ones in bed in the mornings and not waking up at the crack of dawn.

We were recently given the opportunity to review a spring loaded blackout thermal roller blind from Order Blinds and, as we have an 8 month old baby, we decided to fit the blind in his room.


The blind was made-to-measure to fit snuggly inside the window recess and we chose a lovely sky-blue colour. 

The material is a thick, blackout thermal fabric which is extremely effective in stopping any light coming through it, even when the sun shines directly on the window during the early morning.  And, as it was made-to-measure, it fits perfectly so no light creeps in around the edges of the blind, either.  As it’s a thermal fabric, it also means that it will help to prevent heat escaping through the window, too.

We particularly liked the idea of the blind being spring loaded so that you can pull it down to where you want it with the bar at the bottom of the blind or, if you prefer, there is an option to order the blind with just a short single pull-cord if required.  Either option means that there are no long hanging cords which are usually found on conventional blinds, which is an important safety feature for use in a child’s bedroom.

The blind has a slow rise spring mechanism which is easy to install and set up, so that the tension on the spring can be adjusted and you can control how quickly the blind goes back up.  It also means that the blind can be pulled down and stopped every few inches, for when you do want a little daylight streaming in!

All in all, the blind is brilliant, as ‘little man’ had taken to waking early at the moment because he’s teething and, with the recent change of clocks, the lighter mornings have helped to convince him that he should be up and awake!  But, no more …. his room is completely dark and the blind seems to have helped ‘confuse’ his system back to staying in bed a little later.

Thank you, Order Blinds.

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