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Keep the Peace – School Holidays

Keep the Peace – School Holidays

1. A trip to the park
Every child loves a visit to the park, and with many towns and villages having a local park it is an easy trip. Whether they choose to have a run around, play on the swings, or even feed the ducks if there is a pond, there are plenty of fun activities for children of all ages to enjoy, as well as allowing them to have that all important exercise.                              


 2. Cakbaking

Kids love cake, so getting them to help you with the baking is the perfect idea. Letting your children stir the mixture and lick the spoon afterwards is sure to be a treat, and they’ll enjoy seeing the yummy cakes they’ve helped you to bake - and eating them afterwards of course!




3. Visiting the zoo

There’s loads for children to see at the zoo and with many different animals to visit it’s a great day out. Kids of all ages will be fascinated by all the animals big and small that can be found at the zoo, from giraffes and lions to snakes and spiders. Even after the day is over they’ll be sure to be talking about their trip to the zoo long after it has ended.

4. Arts and crafts
For a rainy day in, arts and crafts is a great activity for kids to get stuck into. If you’re ready for a mess to be made then get out the pens and paints and let their imaginations go wild. Letting the children design and make whatever they want is sure to keep them occupied for hours, especially if the weather does not favour a day out.

5. Going to the beach
If you’re lucky enough to live close to the coast then a day trip to the beach will get the children excited. Playing on the sand or having a splash in the sea is a great way for them to spend a sunny summer’s day, giving you time to relax and listen to the sound of the waves rolling in.


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