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Key facts to teach kids about Remembrance Sunday

Key facts to teach kids about Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Day, also well known as Poppy Day, is this Sunday. Likelihood is, your child has been learning about Remembrance Day at school. It’s such an integral part of history so it’s important to teach them. Here are our top five facts for you to mention to your kids when they come home and ask more about the Poppy Day.

Why we wear poppies

The poppy was the first flower to bloom on the battlefields in World War 1. Their bright red colour symbolised the blood during the conflict but also the hope of new life. The poppy has been used as a symbol since 1920. Today, poppies are worn on clothing in the days leading up to Remembrance Day and the poppy wreaths are placed on war memorials. You could even take your child to buy a poppy so they can put money in the box and wear their poppy proudly.

Show them a poem

Find a poem to read out to them which explains the war in an artistic way. Your child may even like to create their own poem or piece of writing Suited for the children who are in primary school, you can create your own cross for them to decorate.

Talk about family members who may have served the war

If you have stories that may interest your little ones about your family members who may have served in the war. Share them with your child and encourage to ask them questions. Make things visual by showing them photographs, letters or any other sources which children could be fascinated about.

Teach your child about making peace

Make sure your little one is aware of the importance of peace in everyday life and why it’s important to be a peacemaker on the playground!

Explain why we have a Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is an opportunity to pay your respects and honour those who lost their lives. It also gives the public the chance to remember family and friends who lost their lives fighting in the wars. It also gives people a change to consider the cost of war.

Hopefully, as a parent this should help you when your child comes home and says “mummy, I’ve been learning about poppy’s today” You can tell them a little more information about this special memorial day.

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