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Kids can cook up a storm with Annabel Karmel

Kids can cook up a storm with Annabel Karmel

Casdon, renowned for its branded role-play toys for younger children has the prestigious Annabel Karmel baking kits in its collection. This exciting range of real-life kitchen accessories has something for every budding baker who is determined to have there their own mini Bake Off at home!

The Mini Pizza Set(£8.00), two Mini Cupcake sets (£5 and £10) and the Baking Set with Accessories (£10) are all starter sets which allow kids to have fun in the kitchen making their own yummy baked treats. These sets can be used in the oven and are designed to be the perfect size for little hands.


There are also two larger sets for kids to have culinary fun with: the My Perfect Pastry Set (£20) and Ultimate Baker’s Set (£25). Each has everything the little budding chef needs to bake a mini feast and  sets come with many accessories including baking tins, measuring spoons, mixing bowls, recipe cards plus so much more!

The Annabel Karmel collection is a fine example of Casdon Toys at their best, where learning through play means having “grown up” fun while developing new skills such as baking real treats for the family to enjoy.

We love these sets here at and think there are just what you need to get any child interested in baking

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