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Kids’ Christmas Holiday Craft Inspiration

Kids’ Christmas Holiday Craft Inspiration

Christmas is approaching quicker than you think and the kids will be off school again!  With so much for you to do and the excitement building daily, we’re sure you will be looking for something to keep them busy for the last few days!  We all remember the ‘stained glass windows’ which we used to create at school – the black paper, cut out into Christmassy themes and then tissue paper pasted onto the back, but nowadays, kids are looking for something a bit more artistic so, if you’re looking for ideas, then here are a few of our favourites!



Pom Pom WOW! Decoration Station RRP £29.99

If your kids love anything colourful then Pom Pom WOW! will be the perfect craft kit for them this Christmas! With Pom Pom WOW! it is as easy as Stick, Pull, WOW! Customise Pom Poms with the Decoration Station. Tie-dye, glitterise and watercolour them! Kids can even decorate their gifts with the pom poms they create! Head on over to www.character-online.com for more information.



Cool Cardz Scratcheez RRP £19.99

Make high quality laminated cards, perfect for VIP Passes, secret club cards, party invites, and even Christmas cards! Kids can create special secret message stickers to share secrets with their friends. They can scratch the surface to reveal the secret message! Check this out at www.flairplc.co.uk




For Christmas decorations and cards, there is a huge variety available from Hobbycraft, we particularly liked the Advent paper bag bunting so don’t wait for the holidays for this one – get it started early!

For another inventive twist on the Advent calendar theme, go to Parents.com and find out how to make a ‘countdown to Christmas’ using muffin tins!  Even little hands can help you out with this one and you can use special treats that they really like.

Finally, a novel way to use all of those wine corks you’ve been popping throughout the year!  Collect small twigs and use them with the corks to create Christmas animals!  Small push pins create the noses, so a little adult supervision is necessary and, oh dear! what to do when the kids run out …?!  For this and other fab, creative ideas, go to this link.

Don’t forget to let us know what you and the kids have been making on our Facebook and Twitter.

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