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Kids Winter Travel Safety Tips

Kids Winter Travel Safety Tips

Now the dark nights are drawing in, we need to make doubly sure that our children are safe when they are out and about, whether they are with us or out on their own.  To help you, here are a few tips from UKMums.TV.

Pushchairs are not easy to see in the dark so if you’re out and about with little ones, it’s worth investing in a set of Hippychick Buggi Lights.  They clip onto the pushchair frame – one bug has a white LED light to face forwards and the other has a red LED light, facing backwards, just like on a car, helping to make your buggy visible and safe.

If you have a little one in a rear car seat, then a Diono Easy View Plus is the perfect way to keep an eye on him or her at all times whilst driving safely. It has a large crystal viewing mirror with a light and remote control so you can check on your baby at night and in the day.

Wherever you might be going, always make sure you have warm blankets, torches, small snacks and bottles of water in the car, in case you breakdown or get stuck and help takes a little while to reach you.

For kids out on their own (gulp!), make sure:
• that their mobile phone is fully charged and has plenty of credit.  Make sure they know how to get hold of you, especially if you are going to be out as well;
• that they are wearing reflective or fluorescent clothing, so that they can be seen when out and about, especially near roads.  These show up well both on dull days and at dusk too, when your children are on their way to and from school.  Use clip-on reflectors fixed to school bags or armbands on outer clothing;
• that they are wearing warm clothing and waterproof footwear – hats, mittens and neck warmers (instead of a scarf which could get caught up) are a must;
• that cyclists are wearing helmets at all times and both their front and rear lights are working properly.  Fit clip-on reflectors to the wheel spokes to make the bike even more visible.  Remind them to take extra care, particularly when braking, if the roads are wet or frosty, or there are lots of leaves on the roads;
• that, wherever they are going, they always choose well-lit routes and crossing places;
• that they never, ever, try to stand on or cross frozen water in case the ice breaks.

Wherever you are going this winter, make sure you stay warm and stay safe.

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