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Last Minute Style Tips For Ladies Day At Cheltenham

Last Minute Style Tips For Ladies Day At Cheltenham

Ladies day is the highlight of the festival and this year’s eagerly anticipated event is no exception. On March 14th the festival-goers will all be sporting grace and glamour and be supporting a special competition called #ColourMeMarch, which is encouraging race day attendees to splash a bit of colour.

Surprisingly, there is no official dress code for the festival, and it’s regarded as quite a relaxed affair in comparison to the fashions seen at other horse racing events. But Ladies Day is always an extravagant affair for fashion-loving race fans. This is the day where the best and most interesting ensembles are trotted out (no pun intended).

So as you prepare for the day by reading up on Betfair Cheltenham Odds and furiously scramble for an outfit, here are 4 last minute style tips to make the day as stress free as possible.

1. It’s March, so bring a warm coat

You’ll notice from pictures of the previous Cheltenham Ladies days that coats tend to be of thicker fabrics and that’s because it’s still March after all. With the recent Beast from the East so fresh in our memory and remembering that you’ll be outside, you’ll want to ensure you have a warm coat which also doesn’t clash with your outfit.

Greys, browns, beiges and greens are flattering outwear and much more eye-catching than black. If you’re feeling brave you could even don a traditional tweed or check to keep things British.

And if you want to add a bit of pizazz and colour for the #ColourMeMarch competition, then go for coloured faux fur trims or fastening details such as buttoning or a contrasting large waist belt.

2. Balance practicality with style

Even though ladies’ day is all about dressing to impress, practicality still comes first and foremost. We’ve covered that you’ll need a warm coat, but you’ll also be really grateful for a sturdy pair of shoes after a few hours of standing up.

Slightly heeled or flat knee-high boots look chic and elegant and are super comfy. Styles that imitate riding boots with beautiful tailoring are always a favourite on the day! Leather or suede boots in tans, browns and black are a staple and complement most outfits, throw buckle detailing into the mix and you’ll be pulling off jockey-esque style no problem.

But if you’re more daring, maroon or fur boots can add a touch of oomph to any outfit. But be wary not to clash too many prints or colours.

3. Go for the British look

Earthy, rustic tones, like greens, browns, maroons and greys are a staple every year. And using these colours to accessorise your outfit can look coordinated but still unique. You could even add heritage checks, tweeds and other patterned fabric for an even bolder, yet countrified look which always fits the tone of these types of festivals.

Dubarry tweed and Prince of Wales check in a monochrome are both contemporary and youthful. Pair these with tan and you’ll have pulled off traditional chic effortlessly.

4. Go bold with your headpiece

This is where the majority of the peacocking happens. As you’re encouraged to splash a bit of colour this year, a hat or headpiece is the perfect item to wear boldly.

Brightly coloured bows, feathers, ribbons or flowers are perfect detailing to embrace. Even a fedora with a bright trim is enough colour to bring your outfit to life, so don’t get too bogged down with finding an outrageous hat. If that seems a little too gauche, you could also try a tweed baker boy cap that will allow you to showcase current trends but with a race day twist. Don’t dismiss something just because it isn’t weighed down in feathers!

Are you going to be vising the races this year? If so, do you know what you’re going to be wearing? If so, let us know on our social media.

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