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Let UK Mums TV help you bring science to life

Let UK Mums TV help you bring science to life

If introducing science to your children seems like a daunting task, fear not! UK Mums TV has some simple and fun ideas to help you get involved in British Science Week. In fact, we’ve invented a new word for it – SCI-FUN!

That’s right, science can be fun, as demonstrated by our takeover this week featuring National Geographic Kids and Sea Monkeys. But as well as the authentic Dig Kits, Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo and Build Your Own Volcano kits we’ve told you about, there’s loads more you can do to get your kids excited about science. Here are UK Mums TV’s top tips:

  1. Discover what’s on your doorstep – You’ll be amazed how many curious creatures, mysterious materials and strange substances there are right outside your front door. Get a magnifying glass, get on your knees and get exploring! You can then record what you’ve found with a quick camera phone snap or discover more with an internet search.
  2. Go local – find your nearest museum, park or local attraction and plan a visit to explore new ideas and experiences – many of them are free and there are thousands of events to choose from for British Science Week so just check the website and then go discover! 
  3. Use everyday situations to talk about scientific concepts – such as bath time games to see if a material sinks or floats; baking bread to learn about chemical reactions; or swapping cartoons for fun online videos about science (we found a great list of these here
  4. Get creative! Enter the British Science Week annual poster competition - For more details, along with the full set of rules and tips for educators, check out the website

Plus there’s an amazing range of science-themed activities and ideas contained in this year’s British Science Week website. Check back for more ideas and inspiration from UK Mums TV, including the chance to win a National Geographic Kids experiment kit in our competition!

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