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Luxury Gifts

Luxury Gifts

Hotel Chocolat has some wonderful selections this Christmas – we particularly liked the look of the Christmas Cabinet – big enough even for us to share! Or how about their Christmas Wreath – a lovely gift for that someone special.

For more information on these and plenty of other Christmassy offerings, take a look at Hotel Chocolat

A spa break is another luxury which we don’t treat ourselves to very often – relaxing and being pampered particularly after the frantic preparations of another Christmas will always go down well, so how about putting one on your Christmas list this year?  Vouchers are available from a host of venues – for some of our favourites, go to Ragdale Hall, Milsom Hotels or Dolphin Square Spa.

Perhaps you’d like some quality jewellery?  One of our favourite places to go is Links of London – wonderful gifts for both ladies and gentlemen.  For some wonderful ideas, visit their website - Links of London

Many of us dream of owning designer handbags or shoes – perhaps you fancy a Mulberry Tote
a Michael Kors purse or a pair of glamorous Jimmy Choo shoes for that special occasion? 

Expensive make-up and perfumes are always welcome gifts – one of our favourites is Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium but the new Black Opium, is a close rival!

That timeless classic, Chanel No 5 perfume is always another favourite gift but, for that extra special look, why not go one step further and complete the look by trying out their make up as well?  Go to Chanel for some ideas and beauty tips.

Go on – time to get your ideal little luxuries added to your Christmas lists, quick, before it’s too late!


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