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Luxury pet food on the market!

Luxury pet food on the market!

Treat your pets to this delicious selection of treats which are not only yummy but also a great nutritious accompaniment to your pet’s diet! Your furry friends will be sure to enjoy them!

1. Natures Menu Country Hunter Cat Treats 

Natures Menu Country Hunter cat treats are made with raw meat and are jam-packed full of nutrients and flavour. They are free from wheat and gluten which is perfect is your cat has intolerances and with the resealable packaging it helps you to make sure that the last treat is every bit as succulent and fresh and the first.

2. Natural Instinct Pure Chicken 

These are ideal as a treat meal every now and then or as a base to which you can add your own ingredients to for a balanced meal. 

3. Wellybix Hand Baked Dog Treats 

Wellybix is full of natural goodness and is packed with Alison’s own garden herbs, and slow-baked for extra crunch. The flavours include peanut butter with spelt, chicken with fresh thyme, beef with fresh parsley and carob with oats!

4. Supreme Science Selective Rabbit Food 

The Supreme Science Selective Rabbit contains increased fibre levels which will give your bunny’s the energy they need with the tasty good flavours that your rabbit will want to eat!

5. Lily’s Kitchen Great British Breakfast for Days 

This brilliant Great British Breakfast recipe is just for your beloved dog! Your dog can tuck into lean and protein rich venison sausage meat, ham, egg, fibre-packed haricot beans and nutritious parsley for their morning spread- what a treat!

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