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Make Me – Latest Jack Reacher Thriller from lee Childs – It’s not his best!

Make Me – Latest Jack Reacher Thriller from lee Childs  – It’s not his best!

We at love a good Jack Reacher novel, and despite never getting over the fact that the vertically challenged Tom Cruise was cast as the 6and half foot Reacher in the films the books have remained a constant favourite in the office

With this in mind we all looked forward to the release of the latest in the saga – Make Me to be released and pre-ordered it on the kindle to be delivered at the earliest opportunity.

Having read it in just two days, we have to say it’s not his best. The tale follows Jack taking a stop on a cross America train at a place called Mothers Rest, where there are some very strange happenings occurring.  Here an ex FBI investigation group have stumbled on what can only be described as a sinister underworld snuff movie organisation, where the whole town is involved. Gang land bosses are also up to no good and apparently enough money is at stake to star doing away with all that suspect.

Jack is his usual calm enigmatic and somewhat violent self that always gets his girl and saves the day, but even we have to say the story seems a little far fetched. A twist in the tale is that Reacher meets his match in the female form and we have to ask ourselves if this a happy ever after for the mysterious nomad!

Make Me is a great read, if you don’t look too deeply into the plot – and will we read the next ? Of course!!!!

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