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Help Your Kids Become Active This Summer

Help Your Kids Become Active This Summer

With so many big sports events coming up this season, use the opportunity to get your tots and youngsters up and active. They’ll have lots of fun and it’s good for them, too!

It’s important to consider whether the sport or activity is age-appropriate. You must also be wary of encouraging your child to focus on one particular sport as this could stop them from fully testing their skills and discovering other activities they may enjoy.

We’ve created this guide by age category to help you.

Age 2 - 5
Don’t get stressed if your little one fails to show an interest in structured activities. Toddlers are still trying to master basic movements. Let them enjoy free play, for example, running in the park, dancing to music, or just tumbling, throwing and catching in the garden. Swimming in the local pool is also good fun. And if your child shows an interest in one particular sport, contact your local club to see what they have to offer, making sure the environment is appropriate for their ability and age.

Age 6 - 9
This is the age when most children develop the ability to concentrate for extended lengths of time and follow instructions, so it’s the ideal time to introduce structured sports. Let them have a go at a range of sports and activities such as running, football, touch rugby, gymnastics, swimming, tennis and martial arts. Your child might find a sport or activity they really like.

Age 10+
By this age children are better able to try complex team sports such as football, hockey, netball and volleyball, as their vision, coordination and balance will all have matured by then.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful!

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