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Meet the Heroes!

Meet the Heroes!

LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ magazine has taken over here at, so here’s a roundup of the stars of the series!

1. Clay - Clay is all about being a knight. He grew up as an orphan and spent every day striving to become a knight. Now that his dream has come true, he spends every day training, learning new skills, or fighting evil. When he finally sleeps, he dreams of all the heroic deeds he will perform tomorrow.

2.Lance - Lance likes a good fight against evil monsters, but he loves being famous. Born and raised in a wealthy family, things have always come easy to Lance and he wants it to stay that way. All that fighting just messes up his shiny armour and curly hair and makes him look less than perfect in pictures!

3.Axl - Axl grew up in a rustic, little town in mining country. He is big, strong and always hungry – sometimes for fighting, but mostly for something to eat. All that training, playing the electrical lute or a computer game with Aaron, can really work up an appetite. Axl doesn’t talk so much, but he is always ready for a little snack. And a big one. And ten more.

4. Aaron - Aaron was born and raised by the sea and he has a simple goal in life. Find the ultimate thrill… right now that is riding his cool hover board while fighting evil lava monsters. Pretty cool, right? Not to mention dangerous! But as Aaron says: no danger, no fun! On the rare occasion that Aaron needs to relax, he likes to play computer games with Axl or just chilling on the couch. He never sits still for long before he is out there again, chasing the next thrill.

5. Macy - Macy is very dedicated to being a knight. She wants to protect Knighton and prove to her father that she is a great fighter. She is angry that he won’t recognise her and she takes it out on every monster she can swing her power mace at. She loves going into battle with her friends, which always makes her father very nervous. Oh, did we mention her father is King Halbert, and Macy is also a princess of the realm?


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