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Meet the villains of LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™

Meet the villains of LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™

Everybody loves a hero, but here at we love a villain too. Take a look below to get the lowdown on all the villains in the new LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ magazine.

1. Jestro

Jestro is not bad. He’s just no good at being good… or funny for that matter. He was King Halbert’s jester and everyday people laughed at him – except for when he actually tried to be funny. Then they fell silent. One day Jestro had enough and he seized the opportunity to become so powerful that no-one would ever dare laugh at him again.

2. Book of Monsters

The Book of Monsters isn’t just bad.  He’s terrible! Manipulative, power-hungry and really good at being mean to others. He is highly intelligent and filled from cover to cover with both horrible monsters and vicious plans to take over Knighton. Since he is just a book, he needs someone to perform the actual bad deeds for him. Someone he can lure with promises of power, manipulate with ideas of evil and shout insults at when it fails.

3. Sparkks

Sparkks’ main strength is destroying stuff. Sparkks is a cyclops, which means he is extra good at giving the evil eye. His two glowing horns, lines of magma across his body and a set of leathery wings really fulfill his evil look.


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