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Men - don’t be tempted by a fanny!

Men - don’t be tempted by a fanny!

Women, we like to make sure that our other halves are looking as good as they can so here’s a few of our top tips to make sure your man are looking up to scratch, even in the hot weather!

Remember, no socks and sandals! Your man may not think this is a controversial fashion combination but it is always a big no from us!

If your man burns and doesn’t tan, make sure he uses a high factor sun cream and not fake tan! It’s not a good look when men walk around with fake tan lines. Fake tan on men is a no, no!

Even if it is hot do not let them take their top off and walk around shirtless – even if they are a hunk!

Chop the top knot! Top knots were all the rage in 2016 and still are. If you have a top knot. Chop it, they’re not attractive!

Dads, fanny packs may be practical but keep them at home. They don’t look the best of accessories, along with man bags – they can be kept at home too!

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