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Midweek Munchies

Midweek Munchies

Everyone loves a night in front of the television. That’s why this week has picked some of its favourite midweek munchies to accompany your chilled night in.

The Peepster

First up we have The Peepster from Hotel Chocolat: A hand-picked collection of tangy and mellow summer slabs including: Raspberry & Vanilla Slab, Mango & Yoghurt Slab, Passion Fruit Smoothie Slab and a Coconut Fusion Slab. These tasty treats truly are delicious and are perfect for chilling out in front of the television.
The Peepster comes at a price of £16.00 and is available here.


Ardens Petites

Petites from Arden are a range of small and moreish continental sweet biscuits. The smaller mouth-sized biscuit and includes flavours such as Mini Toffee Waffles, Chocolate Pastry Rolls and Fig Pastry Rolls from Holland; Butter Puff Pastry Sweethearts from Switzerland; Florentine Clusters from Germany.
They are on sale in Waitrose priced from £1.49. 


Sour Cream & Mexican Lime flavour Coriander Tortillas

The Sour Cream & Mexican Lime flavour Coriander Tortillas from Sainsbury’s are delicious and crunchy. They go perfect with a selection of dips that Sainsbury’s offer and come in three different flavours: Sour Cream & Mexican Lime, Spicy Chilli Salsa flavour ancho, habanero and serrano chilli and Sea Salt & Mixed Peppercorn.
Check them out online here at a price of £1.50

We have two different options to go with all these tasty treats:

Toro Roso Rosé

Number one comes from Aldi and is one of the beautiful wines they have on selection. The Toro
Roso Rosé is a fruity Spanish rosé with elegant aromas of raspberry and cherry together with hints of citrus. Deliciously fresh and lively, this is a well-balanced wine full of character. A great wine to be served chilled. Made from 100% Bobal grapes.

This wine is priced a very affordable £3.79. To find out more about Aldi wines click here



If you fancy a fruity drink that isn’t alcoholic we recommend Mello. Juicy, sweet and irresistibly fresh, Mello’s melon juices, are perfect for a relaxing night in. Mello offers a refreshing taste and is packed with nutritional benefits.
Priced at £1.99 a bottle you can pick up a bottle of this delicious juice here

Little Moons Ice Cream Filled Mochi Balls 

These soft ball of delicious are the perfect pud during the week. The perfect size to scoff a few in one sitting you can enjoy a number of the six yummy flavours, we love Macha Green Tea the most! Little Moons come in a box of six and are available to purchase in Whole Foods with a RRP of £5.99 find out more here
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