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Multi-Cooker Marvels!

Multi-Cooker Marvels!

Have you got a multi-cooker?  If not, then you might like to think about investing in one, as they are both time and labour saving and can be used to cook a whole range of food, from meat, fish and vegetables through to cakes and buns! From slow-cooking to steaming, air-frying to grilling, they are perfect for busy mums to prepare tasty and nutritious family meals.  Here are a few of our favourites.

1. Russell Hobbs 21850 5 litre Multicooker - £75.94

This 5 litre capacity multi-cooker is a compact device which caters for all of your family’s tastes, quickly and simply. It can be set to cook a range of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, as well as to bake cakes, create fluffy rice and even make yoghurt. It has 11 functions so it can be used for almost any recipe and with a 5L capacity it can make enough meals to feed the family.

2. Redmond M90E - £126.00 

The Redmond M90E multi-cooker has a MOTouch® and LCD display making cooking easier than ever!  It can be used to cook bread (including proofing and baking), pizza and desserts, as well as making porridge, soup and pasta. It has 17 automatic programs and 28 manual programs and can also be used as a deep fryer.

3. Pressure King Pro Digital Pressure Multicooker - £49.99 

The Pressure King Pro Digital Pressure multi-cooker cooks up to 90 % faster by creating a tight seal when cooking to maximise heat, so shortening the time taken to cook meat and vegetables.  Meals are cooked in minutes, rather than hours! It also locks in more nutrients and vitamins than traditional boiling or steam cooking methods, so your meals are healthier too.

4. Tower T14033 8-in-1 Multi-Cooker - £45.00 

The versatile 8-in-1 5 litre capacity multi cooker from Tower is the ideal appliance for the busy cook. You can boil, roast, braise, fry, sauté, grill and much more, making it easy to cook delicious meals on a large scale. Included accessories include a steaming rack, frying basket, removable non-stick bowl, glass cooking lid and a removable pot to allow you to serve meals at the table.

5. Tefal 45-in-1  - £76.49 

The Tefal 45-in-1 has 45 cooking programs, enabling you to cook everything from risottos and roast chicken to porridge and pasta. It’s a great price, has enough capacity to feed a whopping 20 people and a handy carry handle. Plus, it’s easy to adapt it to your own recipes.

Have you got a multi-cooker?  If so, let us know what you use it for over on our Twitter and Facebook.

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