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Mums love MixIt Mag!

Mums love MixIt Mag!

We were so excited when we saw MixIt mag that we thought we would send some top bloggers issues 1 and 2 to see what they (and their kids) thought!

Both issues are full to the brim with the hottest brands of the moment and it’s fair to say that kids will have hours of fun trawling through the many activity pages and features inside. Read our bloggers honest opinions of MixIt below.

Real Mum Review - "The free gifts included were really fun and good quality, with a Miraculus dancing ribbon and lip gloss in Issue 1 and a Nail Art Set and 2 packets of stickers, Disney Princess and Shopkins in Issue 2.

Erin loved seeing familiar characters such as LOL dolls, Barbie, The Mr Men, Shopkins and Puppy Surprise.

Her favourite parts of the magazine were the more interactive parts such as the stickers and colouring in pages. At a recent trip to a restaurant the magazine kept her really well occupied whilst waiting for her food; preventing fidgeting, resorting to the ipad, or god forbid… singing"

Country Heart and Home - "Evie loved the interactive pages and we both loved that the magazine includes stories, quizzes, cartoons, things to make, bake and do, collectable posters, games and more that we can do together! There are also lots of competitions too where you can win some of your favourite goodies too!"

This Enchanted Pixie - "I thought the price tag of £3.65 was reasonable, given the good content and the cover gifts – it really kept her busy for a few hours, compared to some magazines she’s bought that cost more and were so full of advertisements it was barely ten minutes reading. I’m sure Mixit Magazine will be a hit with lots of little girls – I’m sure mine will be looking out for the next issue!"

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