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National Candy Cane Day

National Candy Cane Day

Most of us recognise the 26th December as Boxing Day, but many also celebrate National Candy Cane Day! So, to mark the day, here’s a pick of the best candy canes you can get your hands on just in time for Christmas!

1. Sainsbury's Peppermint Candy Canes – 12 for £1

A set of traditional peppermint candy canes at a great price!

2. JB Candy Canes (Watermelon, Tutti Frutti, Blueberry) – 12 for £3.60

A twist on the classic, these candy canes come in great flavours and make for an excellent stocking filler!

3. Aldi Candy Canes – 12 for 99p

These colourful candy canes are a brilliant stocking filler for under £1!

4. Gourmet Candy Peppermint Candy Canes – 12 for £3.20

Classic candy canes that can brighten up any Christmas tree or Christmas dinner table!

5. Waitrose Iced Mini Candy Cane Biscuits – 90g for £2.50

These biscuits are perfect to add to a main gift for your family or friends and are great value for money!

6. Candy Cane Tree Decoration Gift Box – 16 for £5.39

A lovely set of candy canes that the kids will love to find hung on the Christmas tree!

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