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National Parents as Teachers Day

National Parents as Teachers Day

National Parents as Teachers Day falls on the 8th November every year and the day aims to highlight the importance of parents educating their young children at home and to recognise the role that early education plays on development. The Parents as Teachers program provides parents with support and information to help their children to learn from an early age. Its goal is to give children the opportunity to learn, develop and grow at a young age so that they can reach their full potential later in life.

There are many ways that you can be your little one’s first teacher at home on a daily basis, for example doing simple tasks such as consistently talking to your child and reading books to them is a good way to boost their early language and literacy development. Playing with your kids is also a great way to help them learn, as it gives you the chance to ask them questions about what they are doing which can help develop a child’s understanding.

So celebrate National Parents as Teachers Day on 8th November and do the little things to help your child learn and develop and get them off to the best start in life before they start school!

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