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Nature themed recipe ideas!

Nature themed recipe ideas!

As Ben and Holly love nature, we thought we’d bring you some nature inspired recipes to try with your little elves and fairies!
Egg and Tomato “Toadstools”!

• Hardboiled egg – shell removed, with the bottom removed
• Tomato- half for each portion
• Lettuce
• Mayonnaise

• Take a hardboiled egg, stand on a plate as a toadstool “stalk”
• Take the tomato and cut it in half
• Remove the seeds so the tomato half can sit on top of the egg
• Dot mayonnaise on top of the tomato
• Shred lettuce and lay around the “toadstool”

Leaf Shaped Sandwich
This can be done as an open or closed sandwich.  Sandwiches are an all-time favourite party food; here is a simple way to put a twist on a classic.

• Bread (Sliced for closed, and crusty bread makes a great base for an open sandwich)
• Butter
• Favourite sandwich filling

• Butter the bread, two pieces for a closed sandwich but only one for an open sandwich
• Now to use your artistic talent, carefully cut the bread into the shape of a leaf, don’t forget the stalk!
• Add your favourite sandwich filling; if you are making an open sandwich why not top it off with a lettuce leaf to really give it that leaf look.
• And there you have it, a more aesthetically pleasing classic sandwich

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