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New Year - New You!

New Year - New You!

Most of us will have made a New Year’s resolution or, indeed, several – maybe to lose weight, quit smoking, join a gym or drink less – but, sadly, as few as one in 10 of us will actually achieve our goal. So, this year, start off right, either with small, manageable changes to your lifestyle or just one major resolution, to give yourself the best chance of succeeding. 

1. We’ve all probably overdone the alcohol consumption over the festive period so why not take up the Dry January challenge? Just 31 days and with all the parties well behind you, there will hopefully be little in the way of temptation!

2. Losing weight is the perennial favourite with hundreds of dieting regimes out there. However, a great and easy way to help you succeed with this is to use smaller plates and dishes. We have all been brought up to finish the food on our plates and not be wasteful but remember: larger plates and dishes mean larger portions! Instead of going for seconds - why not have a piece of fruit to fill the gap afterwards?

3. Losing weight generally goes hand in hand with getting fitter. There are lots of gym membership options out there so check them out and see what's available near you! If a gym membership out of your price range, then see if there are any fitness classes available instead! If there aren’t any locally, then don’t give up! Invest in a hula hoop – it’s great fun, cheap and helps to tone your waist and thighs!

4. If your goal is to quit smoking, then do it properly. Yes, there are lots of products out there to help you but you are more likely to succeed if you enlist proper support. Visit the NHS website for lots of tips and information. And remember, this will not only impact on your health, but on your pocket as well so it is well worth persevering!

5. Maybe your goal for the New Year will be to save money, perhaps for the holiday of a lifetime or towards that mortgage deposit. If so, then make regular, affordable deposits into your savings account and make sure you can’t access it! It may be slow progress, but little and often is better than never!

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