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New year’s celebration tips

New year’s celebration tips

New Year’s celebrations don’t have to be stressful or samey. Here are our top tips for a new year’s Celebration worth remembering

1. Make It a BYOA Affair – Bring Your Own Appetizer

This is a great way to cut down on time, money and also to get a whole range of sweet and savory snacks for your party. If someone doesn’t know how to cook or what to bring, suggest raw veggies and hummus, a fruit and nut platter, or a cheese and crackers plate.


2. Serve Champagne Sangria for Midnight Toasting

This is an easy and delicious drink that is a bit different to the usual and is easy to make by just using cartons of apple, cranberry and orange juice, champagne and chopped fruit! 

3. Have a Midnight Supper

After the midnight toast, invite everyone to take part in a midnight supper! A baked potato bar is easy and fun! Bake the biggest potatoes you can find and put out a range of toppings and fillings! Don't forget to cater for the veggies!

4. Hang Lengths of Curled Ribbon for an Iconic New Year’s Eve

Curling ribbon is very easy, but it looks great everywhere. Try to find the wider variety, about a half-inch thick. You can hang it from light fixtures, doorways, lamps, mantels, even on the bathroom mirror. Scatter a few curls between dishes on your buffet as well.

5. Have a theme.

Having a theme for your party can add to the atmosphere and make for great memories or pictures. Here are some theme ideas! Some of our favourite ideas include a games night, a movie night and a glow in the dark party!

6. Photographs!

Don't forget to take plenty of pictures so you can look back and remember what a great celebration your threw! Photobox have great deals and presentation ideas that make getting your pictures professionally printed affordable. They also make great gifts!

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